Sporty Style Love

    Hello, lovely bunch of humans. I hope you have had a great week and have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones ahead. One of my resolutions for this year (yes, I know, those cheesy resolutions) was to try more different things and to go for the things which I have in mind quite… Continue reading Sporty Style Love


If everything goes wrong, go right.

Happy Monday, lovely bunch and welcome to this new week and fresh start ❤ . My Monday started quite chaotic as there were so many things going wrong, mainly at university and their bureaucracy. Sometimes, there are moments in life where I feel the universe is testing me and my patience real hard and today… Continue reading If everything goes wrong, go right.


Chia Pudding (Breakfast) Jar

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you all had a super lovely weekend with lots of laughter and joy, spending as much time as possible with your beloved ones. I just wanted to share a quick and easy recipe with you guys, which I am obsessed with. Are you a lover of healthy dessert or easy… Continue reading Chia Pudding (Breakfast) Jar


That’s Not My Name

Did you ever feel like something doesn't really belong to you? Maybe a pair of jeans, or a characteristic you developed over the years or... let's say... your name? I know, I know "Girl, don't be that dramatic", but I am not. It's not as dramatic as it might sound. I like the name I… Continue reading That’s Not My Name